Friday, November 8, 2013

I Know. I Need to Shave. Everything. But Just Read the Damn Blog Entry and Shut the Hell Up ;)

I wake up and first thing’s first: I’m of service. I make sure your needs are met; I’m so selfless. I give hard and serve hard and now...

I need a break.
I give big. I give all and now...

It's time to DEGENERATE.
Today’s ALL about me. All about cup-filling. Today’s ALL about me!*
Learning how to receive. How to receive? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

I move on through offerings often one-sided. Being this low on list of worth (over extended), I give hard, provide hard and now...

I need some relief
I look out, I proffer and now...

I need some respite indeed!
My habit to love you first in me remainders**. Favoring you is so knee-jerk: leaves me a stranger. I give hard and fight hard and now...

I need to retreat.
I give out, dedicate and now...

I need to acknowledge me!

*Repetition is vastly underrated.
**Ummm....I don't know what that means either

Oh Alanis. I know your song is about remembering to take care of oneself in the spiritual sense. Yet, it has become my Anthem Against Total Bottoms. Well, that and I'm a narcissistic bastard. "All about me" are definitely lyrics I can relate to. Come on now. I'm just kidding. But speaking of things I'm doing, I'm performing with my band at PRECINCT BAR in Somerville MA on November 16th. Set time is 9p. Come! 

Here's a snippet of our latest recording. It's not *anywhere* else yet. I'm telling you this now: The composer, who happens to be the guitarist, would kill me dead if he were to know I'm leaking this. When he sent me the dropbox link, I had to hold my phone up to GarageBand to record the audio, export that shit to iTunes and create another SoundCloud page. I think he follows me on my regular SoundCloud. Whew! All this for a 34 second snippet. Really? Yes really because I am killing those harmonies. Yes. I. Am. 


  1. Ummm Nice Post! Photos are great, love the last one, Great Smile!! LOL

  2. Don't's rugged & sexy on you :-)

  3. Thanks, DW (as always lol) and Cum. I appreciate it. I trimmed a little. I HAD to. My dick had wings :( Imbchef, the bottle is Armenian brandy :)

  4. Don't you shave a muthafuckin thang!!!!! You are sexy AF!!!!!! Love your blog man.

  5. Thanks, U. Too late, man. It's gone, but not entirely.

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