Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Met Fucking JAMES MORRISON Today!

He was just walking around State Street where Borders used to be: no security at all. He didn't even appear to be with anyone. I saw him walk into the 7/11 on the opposite side of the street and I was literally standing there thinking "wtf do I do?" I wouldn't necessarily characterize myself as shy, but I do not roll up on people. But I got it together, thought "here goes" and crossed Washington. By the time I got to the door, he was making his purchase and I just said, "I love your work." He smiled and shook my hand. "Enjoy Boston" and I walked out the door. I think he knows how much I love him. And yes, fucking JAMES MORRISON  is short, too. We were eye to eye. I'm done. I can't even think of a porn site to link today!

The fucking JAMES MORRISON Official Site

My favorite fucking JAMES MORRISON video
No, this is my favorite fucking JAMES MORRISON video.
AND fucking JAMES MORRISON is British.