Friday, October 3, 2014


Hi. My name is...Whatever You Call Me ;) 


'Cause you look a little lonely. I'll make you scream. 

Hey! I'll make you laugh. 

Cover your body in my autograph. 

So let's get undressed. 'Cause I wanna see you... 



A lot of things have changed in the recent past. One change in particular is that I'm no longer in a band. That upheaval has caused me to push forward and get aggressive about the music I really want to do. I have nothing against people who are married with kids and live in the suburbs with day jobs outside the creative field. I truly don't, but those individuals end up having to put music second. Also, the music they eventually find time to make lacks the edge, youthfulness and sexiness that I actually want to perform. What are they gonna write about? Whose turn it is to take the kids to soccer practice? Ugh! 

Look. My black isn't cracking (too much), but I'm getting on up there. I've got to tap into the sexy while I still have it. I'm writing with a few artists and planning my own music collective, products, website and I'm continuing to develop my brand. I'm ready to see where all this ends up going. Wherever it is, I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Until the original tunes come along, you can catch me singing some John Legend in a fundraiser with Moonbox Productions October 20th. I'll also be performing a few songs in a concertized version of Hair October 25th at Cotuit Center for the Arts


  1. Do your thing "make you laugh" and "cover your body in my autograph" are awesome together. Could be dirtier / sexier / nastier though. Yeah, I am the worst. "Cover you body in my sex autograph" or "my cum autograph" or . . . well, you're a writer, you get picture. Looking good, too! Werd.

  2. Those aren't my lyrics. I embedded the video in the word "undressed" above ;)

    "I love you for watching." Hehe

  3. Do your thing. I know you'll do well. Love the music


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