Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strict MACHINE - Version 9:11

I'm usually one of the last to know about a LOT of things, especially music videos. I'm the lone nerd standing with my ear phones enthusiastically rocking some tune from 9 years ago yelling "OMG this song is fucking AWESOME!" Yeah. I'm still doing that. Exhibit A: this song. The video is definitely perfect for the stoned, which was exactly my state when I first saw it. I haven't been this moved by a bass line since Mirwais' Disco Science. (Remember when it was in the Victoria's Secret commercials?)

Bet you can't guess the first thing to really grab my attention in Strict Machine. Nope. You're gross. It was the Siberian Husky-headed men. (Maybe you did get it right.) In addition to the why of the head choice, I wanted to know who the choreographer was. (The SONG has its own wikipage.) I love that choreographers not only design dance moves; they also create and direct motion in general. In the video, these dogs represent domesticated (suited: provider) danger (shirtless: fuck monkey). Huskies can rip your throat out sure, but aren't they just our pets, too? Kinda like having a Doberman or being friends with Nene Leakes: It's all fun and games and "ooh look at me. I'm living on the edge; I'm a bad ass. Whooo!" That is, until you get your ass eaten alive by one (or, realistically, both). The result? A pretty good time by my account ;-)

Speaking of music, I recorded with these guys a few years ago. I don't know what happened to the track I recorded. It could've been terrible, but I'd love to hear what they did to it. This group is the reason I went to Rise for the first time. I know my readers come from all over and do lots of different things. If any of you are into music production, engineering, promotion, writing, etc PLEASE contact me to work.

Naked Music (with a side of Spanish uncut sausage)


  1. This was a great read; funny, provocative and potentially efficacious. You intrigue the sapiosexual in me!

  2. Thank you, sir. And hakuna matata to you ;-)

  3. 'Tis our problem free philosophy, right? :-) p.s. Swahili's such a beautiful language. Is that one of the languages you speak?

  4. I don't actually. I was quoting Lion King. Hahahaha. Okay. Now I feel silly. *serious face* Do you speak Swahili?

  5. I know the reference! Lolol. No need to feel silly, I was just asking. No, I don't speak Swahili, unfortunately, but when I would do county/state chorus concerts in high school, we sang a few Swahili songs and I always loved the language. That's why I asked. lol...


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